The Sino French Alliance

Blackwood is the combination of the know-how of Chinese industry and French design, in the creation & production of lighting fixtures. Through 20 years of international market experience and historical know-how, Blackwood aims to provide you with a tailor-made service to meet your markets & customers requirement.

A Customized offer

In order to best meet your needs, Blackwood provides you with the creations of its design center ("Blackwood Design Center") so that you can use them under your own label (OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer).
But Blackwood also offers the possibility of developing your own projects (ODM: Original Design Manufacturer), according to your specifications with personalized support. For this reason, the "Blackwood Design Center" welcomes you to its showroom in the heart of its factory in Ningbo, in order to push the reflection and creativity of your projects, for a quality result.

Design, Costs, Optimization

Blackwood is the guarantee of original quality products, thanks to the combination of French and Chinese know-how. Indeed, the factory develops its own lighting lines thanks to its French Design Centre and ensures the quality and certification of these products thanks to the involvement of its teams of engineers, French as well. Thus, Blackwood has the ability to work with all types of luminaires, shapes and uses (wall lights, suspensions, table lamps, street lamps), thanks to its manufacturing expertise and its ability to work with all types of materials (Glass, Wood, Metals, Stones)
In addition, its expertise and location allow Blackwood to benefit from lower production costs than its competitors.

Quality, Design, Innovation

Concerned with international standards and regulations, Blackwood has a quality control and R&D centre that carries out tests throughout the manufacturing process. We are demonstrating our ambition to be part of a strategy focused on performance and quality. We work closely with accredited laboratories such as TUV, DEKRA, BV, ITS and other. A requirement that allows the optimization of manufacturing processes and thus aims at total quality.

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Black & Wood



No. 7 Bangxing Road, Maoshan industrial Park
Jiangshan Town, Yingzhou district, 3151193, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China